We acquire, enhance, and grow mission critical software companies.

Mosaic overview

Mosaic is the best permanent home for ambitious B2B software companies.

We acquire leading vertical and speciality horizontal software companies and provide operational resources and an entrepreneurial environment so that they can thrive for decades to come. 

Our management team is based out of the U.S. and Canada.

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Our origin story

Prior to Mosaic, our founding team started and exited our own enterprise software companies.

The experience of selling our companies inspired Mosaic, as we discovered that the typical slate of available options for founders at exit lacked either stability for the team (private equity), cultural continuity and preservation of company identity (strategic acquirer), or ambition and know-how around future growth (most permanent capital investment firms).

We are building Mosaic to be the buyer that we wish had existed when we were selling our companies – one without any trade-offs.

With Mosaic, your team gains the stability and cultural preservation of permanent capital while benefiting from our playbook and shared services so you can grow faster than ever before.

How we are different

Mosaic is the only permanent capital investment firm with a founding team that has started and exited our own enterprise software companies.

Forever home enables stability and happiness of teams and customers.

Our buy-and-hold philosophy, underpinned by our permanent capital base, ensures that we act in the long-term best interests for the team, customers, and company itself.

Culture and individual identity are preserved and amplified.

You did not build an excellent business with a special culture over many years just to see its identity be lost at exit. We know that your culture is an asset, and it will be preserved and strengthened in the many years ahead.

Organic growth acceleration.

The companies we founded grew by over 100% each year for almost a decade. While each market is different, we will partner to ensure that your company’s best days are ahead of it.

What we are looking for

Mosaic is the permanent home for exceptional software companies.

B2B software company (SaaS or on-premise)

$1-$10 million of annual recurring revenue

Vertical or niche horizontal software

High customer gross revenue retention (90%+ annually)

Majority to 100% ownership

Our values


We take the long view

We think in decades, not quarters or years. We do not manage our business for short term results, and we prioritize integrity and relationships above all else. We see the world as “positive sum”, and only seek win-win outcomes.


Autonomy is essential

Great people as well as company cultures need room to breathe in order to thrive. Our entrepreneurial ethos and decentralized organization are designed to preserve the individuality of each portfolio company’s culture and provide a rewarding home where teams can flourish for decades to come.


Rationality rules

We seek rationality and independent-mindedness. We are not interested in following the crowds.


We are a learning entity

We are always in-progress, and never all-knowing.


You make what you measure

We focus on quantifying different elements of our business so that they can be understood and optimized, and especially keep our eyes on any key metrics for success.


We love what we do

We don’t believe work needs to be formal and serious. We enjoy every day of it, and want to create an upbeat environment for others.