Selling your business

We understand from experience how important it is to choose the right partner. Whether you're ready to sell now or in the future, we’d love to begin building a relationship.

We are different from traditional buyers in a number of ways

Permanent capital

Preserve your corporate identity, team, customers, and your legacy

Entrepreneurial environment that is rich in resources

Your company stays nimble while growth is accelerated

Fast decision

We know your time is valuable and you deserve a respectful partner who moves with conviction

North America-based buyer

Management team is based out of the U.S. and Canada

Situations where we can help

You want to accelerate your company’s growth with the right majority partner and reap the benefits of a more valuable company once we have scaled the business together

You wish to preserve your legacy and your company’s identity

You wish to change your role from CEO to Chief Product Officer, CTO, or any other role that you prefer

You wish to transition out of the business or reduce your time

You are part of an existing management team wishing to buy the business from the current owner

You are just ready for your next career adventure

You are considering carving out a business from a larger company and wish for it to have an independent future